Living in Switzerland is not a challenge for anyone. A country seductive by the stable economy, by the beautiful landscapes, by the organization, by the public service absolutely efficient, by the indices of life quality, security and happiness of the people. Will it be?

The liberal system

Switzerland is the most liberal country in the world, which means that Switzerland is the most capitalist country in the world. Literally, nothing is free. This makes this small mountainous country, in the center of Europe, the most competitive land on the planet.

That brings good things, services, products and almost everything that can be consumed, has impeccable qualities. But it also requires a lot, but very much, of the individuals involved in services or production.

This requirement of efficiency is great for those who have an entrepreneurial profile and loves a good challenge. It needs to grow, evolve, develop, almost every day, so the overall environment of the country is extremely creative. Since school children are approximated to music and art, crafts and technology.

The country is extremely open to new ventures, investments, ideas and business. According to local data, 70% of the world’s Startups have some Swiss participation and more than 50% of registered patents in the world have some Swiss participation.

How much that is? A lot. But it makes it very difficult for the foreigner who wants to move here. Switzerland’s education system is accepted in many countries around the world, and this is great if you have young children who go to great lengths and dedicate their youthful lives to an absolutely exciting school system. If not, it is very difficult to recognize foreign diplomas here, and even, for cleaning services, Ausbuildung (training and qualification) is required to get a job.

The wehther

The weather is also extravagant, hot and dry summers, long winters with a lot of ice. In some regions, such as Zürich, the weather is cloudy 600% of the time. In mountainous regions (60% of the territory) snow covers the land for 4 to 6 months of the year.

The lovely swiss people

The relationship with people is complicated, making friends, getting socially involved with the Swiss people is very difficult. The barrier is basically in the language, because they are very sympathetic and open and, by the way, for my luck and my family, they love Brazilians.


What happens is that, unlike what one reads, Switzerland does not have 4 languages ​​(yes, it has 4 official languages, which are used for issuing documents and publications), but it has in reality, only from German, more than 20 local dialects. A schizophrenic example is Friborg, a town with less than 100,000 inhabitants and four dialects, ranging from German to French.

Do you understand what this means? Not??

Then you calculate with me: There are almost 9 million inhabitants in a country with the size of Cuba. Of this 30 % are foreigners, from these foreigners 50% speaks high German in everyday life, 25% speaks English and, believe me, 25% speaks Portuguese. I’m rounding up. There are fractions ranging from 1 to 5% of foreigners who speak Turkish, Romanian, Albanian, Serbian, French and Italian dialects, 9 out of 9 languages from Eritrea, Farsi, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, etc.

The other 70% of the population, the “natives”, speak officially: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. These languages ​​are the languages ​​of the books, but not what is spoken on the streets, in the parks, and at home. On a daily basis, this 70 % of the population speaks more than 60 dialects, variations that become a joke among the Swiss themselves, so incomprehensible they are.

Native, because from this 70%, a lot of them are sons or grandsons from foreigners that, now had a swiss passport And, yes, they speak also the ancestral lenguage (italian, portuguese and high germa, in maiority).

In other words, in order to create links here, to make good use of the well-developed potential of Switzerland, to enjoy its good public service and to have good relations with the neighbors, we must integrate to the point of flowing through the dialects (at least a couple), become a great entrepreneur of ouselves, and love the cold and the hot wether at the same time.

It is in this context that I decided to write on this blog about my experiences, visions and readings of this peculiar world called Switzerland.